PEER for Residency Programs

PEER for Residency Programs

Product Code: 507615

  • Create practice tests for your residents with questions written in the same style as the actual board exam.
  • Assign high-yield explanations that cover not only why the answer is correct, but also why the incorrect answers are plausible in other case scenarios.
  • Review new PEER PointsTM that summarize topics visually.
  • Generate unlimited practice tests using any search term or by selecting any EM Model category and focus the content on what your residents need to learn most.

Go to the PEER for Residency Programs website to find out more.

Mary Jo Wagner MD, FACEP

The features

  • Customizable, automated testing schedules
  • Test creation and assignment by EM Model category, age modifier (geriatrics or pediatrics), patient acuity, and more
  • Monitoring of individual completion of assigned tests
  • Monitoring of performance of individual residents and classes
  • Monitoring of user engagement
  • Comparison of scores to other PEER users and other PGYs
  • Notifications of content updates
  • Program-level accounts with multiple roles for users

Here’s how it works

When you sign up your program, we create an account for you, and you tell us how many seats you want. That account entitles you to two free seats for administrators, and the administrators assign the rest of the seats. If you want APDs and faculty to be part of the account, you just assign them seats, but you also assign them roles. As faculty, they can create tests, monitor performance, and run reports. The best part is that programs can buy seats for APDs and faculty at the same rate as the residents! That’s a HUGE discount. Go to the PEER for Residency Programs website to find out more.

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