From evaluating the volume status of an undifferentiated sepsis patient, to ruling out free intraperitoneal fluid in a code trauma, bedside ultrasonography undoubtedly plays an essential role in the repertoire of the modern emergency medicine physician.

Despite the clear value of bedside ultrasonography proficiency, there have been multiple barriers to the adoption of this operator-dependent modality, namely widespread availability of ultrasound education and training.

Traveling to weekend courses to learn ultrasound is costly, inconvenient, and fails to provide sufficient recurrent training on how to confidently recognize pathologic findings.

Now, you can learn emergency ultrasound anytime and anywhere with the SonoSim® Ultrasound Training Solution.

"The hands on experience really helps when it comes time to scan an actual patient." James H. Moak, MD, RDMS
Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine
University of Virginia

Simple, Effective Emergency Ultrasound Training

Instantly transform your personal computer into a bedside ultrasound training device by simply inserting the SonoSim® Probe into a USB port. Virtual hands-on scanning cases, engaging didactic courses, and real-time knowledge assessment are delivered in a refreshingly simple, convenient, and easy-to-use modular format.

Immediate Access to Real-Patient Pathology

The SonoSim® Ultrasound Training Solution features over 1,000 actual patient cases comprising a myriad of normal and pathologic conditions for an on-demand, authentic hands-on emergency ultrasound training experience.

Customize Your Own Learning Experience

With over 55 SonoSim® Modules to choose from, you can personalize your ultrasound education and training. Whether you are interested in learning ultrasound fundamentals, improving your current level of proficiency, or proactively reducing skill decay, SonoSim provides a solution to your ultrasound training needs.

Designed By Experts

Due to an exceptional team of leading ultrasound experts and educators, instructional designers, and software developers, SonoSim offers an unsurpassed learning experience in emergency ultrasonography.

Select SonoSim as your Emergency Ultrasound Training Solution!


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