Tintinalli's Emergency Medicine, Just the Facts, 3E (AMAZON)

Tintinalli's Emergency Medicine, Just the Facts, 3E (AMAZON)

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Put the authority of Tintinalli’s into your emergency medicine review!

Derived from Tintinalli’s Emergency Medicine: A Comprehensive Study Guide, Seventh Edition, this streamlined text is the perfect review for any emergency medicine exam -- or for use as a clinical refresher. Its concise, bulleted design condenses and simplifies must-know concepts and helps you make the most of your study time. This authoritative study guide includes radiographs, color images, line drawings, and ECGs, all designed to enhance your understanding of the material and help you meet the challenges of visual diagnosis in practice and exam situations.


  • Updated to reflect the latest advances in diagnostic imaging
  • NEW CHAPTERS on Hematologic-Oncologic Emergencies, Renal Emergencies in Children, Low Probability Coronary Syndromes, Urinary Retention, Food and Water-Borne Diseases, and World Travelers
  • Increased coverage of toxicology and trauma
  • More than 300 tables encapsulate important information
  • More than 100 radiographs/color images and 90 line drawings/ECGs aid recognition of challenging and life-threatening disorders
  • Provides a brief yet comprehensive review of the practice of emergency medicine for clinicians who wish to update their knowledge of the specialty

David M. Cline, MD, FACEP
O. John Ma, MD
Rita K. Cydulka, MD, FACEP
Garth D. Meckler, MD                                                                            
Daniel A. Handel                                                                                 
Stephen H. Thomas
Judith E. Tintinalli, MD, MS, FACEP
November 2012 McGraw Hill
Paperback, 704 pages
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