Simon's Emergency Orthopedics (AMAZON)

Simon's Emergency Orthopedics (AMAZON)

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The emergency physician's top reference for handling orthopedic injuries and disorders

Written by and for emergency physicians, Emergency Orthopedics is the leading reference for handling all types of musculoskeletal emergencies. This heavily illustrated, full-color book focuses on radiographic diagnosis, acute management, and discharge of the patient with a pulled muscle, torn ligament, fracture, or other skeletal trauma. The format represents the ideal integration of text and images, allowing clinicians to actually see what they reading about. The concise text tells readers everything they need to know about the mechanisms of action along with recommended imaging studies, treatment guidelines, and possible complications.

  • Companion DVD includes video clips of procedures and additional radiologic images
  • Axioms throughout the text serve as rules by which the emergency physician should practice.

Scott C. Sherman, MD

Table of contents

Chapter 1: General Principles

Chapter 2: Anesthesia and Analgesia
Chapter 3: Rheumatologic Problems
Chapter 4: Compartment Syndrome
Chapter 5: Imaging Considerations
Chapter 6: Pediatric Issues
Chapter 7: Cervical Spine Injuries
Chapter 8: Thoracic Spine Injuries
Chapter 9: Lumbar Spine Injuries
Chapter 10: Sacral Injuries
Chapter 11: Hand Injuries
Chapter 12: Wrist Injuries
Chapter 13: Forearm Injuries
Chapter 14: Elbow Injuries
2015 / Mixed media product /  630 pages / McGraw-Hill
ISBN: 9780071819671
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