Interpretation of Emergency Head CT (AMAZON)

Interpretation of Emergency Head CT (AMAZON)

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An invaluable quick reference to the key aspects of the head CT. It provides the clinician with an easy-to-use, "ABCs" system to analyze any head CT scan that may be encountered in the acute setting. Section 1 offers both the radiological anatomy of the brain showing cranial anatomy overlaid onto CT images and the technical details of CT imaging in a simplified form. Section 2 covers the gamut of conditions that are likely to be encountered in acute medical practice. Pitfalls are highlighted and tips are included to assist in the recognition of important signs, along with ways to distinguish other pathologies with a similar appearance. This is an excellent, practical resource for clinicians who use CT scans of the head in the evaluation of emergency patients.

  • Introductory section shows cranial anatomy to help with diagnosis
  • Wide spectrum of disorders and clinical problems included
  • Clear concise descriptions of diagnostic features, relevant to all clinicians requesting CT head scans

Erskine J. Holmes
Anna C. Forest-Hay
Rakesh R. Misra
Part I. Fundamentals of CT Imaging: History
Technical details
Windowing and grey scale
Tissue characteristics
Image artifacts
Important anatomical
Part II. Reviewing a CT Scan: Acute Stroke
Haemorrhagic stroke
Subdural haematoma
Extradural haematoma
Subarachnoid haemorrhage
Cerebral venous sinus thrombosis
Skull fractures
Raised intracranial pressure
Arteriovenous malformation
Solitary lesions
Multiple lesions
Self assessment section
Appendices: Differential diagnosis of intracerebral lesions
CT guidelines for head trauma
Proposed algorithm for the emergency management of acute stroke
Information required prior to neurosurgical referral
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