Quick Hits In Emergency Medicine (AMAZON)

Quick Hits In Emergency Medicine (AMAZON)

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For important information you need to know, but can’t remember, turn to QUICK HITS IN EMERGENCY MEDICINE.  This practical, short compendium contains the key decision-rules, clinical values, mnemonics, and dosages that you need at your finger tips in the ED.   It covers everything from acute coronary syndrome and ACLS, to electrolyte equations and hyperkalemia, to ventilator settings by disease to Wellen's syndrome.  Information on each topic is limited to a single page and presented in easily digested formats such as tables, algorithms, bulleted lists, and clinical illustrations.

  • Essential but hard to remember information  
  • Evidence-based help for clinical decision-making  
  • Designed for quick-look-up  
  • Supports patient safety and improved quality of care 

Brandon Allen, MD; Latha Ganti, MD; Bobby Desai, MD
2013/ 133 pages / Softcover/ Springer
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