Tactical Medicine Essentials (AMAZON)

Tactical Medicine Essentials (AMAZON)

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Designed for EMS and medical professionals of all levels of training, this book provides the foundation needed to become a world-class tactical medical provider (TMP). Written by an experienced team of authors from diverse backgrounds, it covers the essential curriculum of tactical medicine, including tactical patient assessment, expedient extrication and evacuation, and self-defense skills, as well as tips on the best equipment to pack and utilize in the tactical environment. Thoroughly prepares medical professionals to safely accompany a SWAT unit into the tactical environment.
Current, State-of-the-Art Medical Content for the Tactical Environment

E. John Wipfler III, MD, FACEP 
  Chapter  Section 1  Elements of Tactical Medicine
  Chapter  Chapter 1  History and Role of the Tactical Medical Provider
  Chapter  Chapter 2  Safety and Wellness of the Tactical Medical Provider
  Chapter  Chapter 3  SWAT Unit Essentials
  Chapter  Chapter 4  Equipment of the Tactical Medical Provider
  Chapter  Chapter 5  Firearms Safety and Marksmanship
  Chapter  Chapter 6  Conventional Threats and Weapons
  Chapter  Chapter 7  Medical Intelligence and Support
  Chapter  Chapter 8  Self-Defense and Close Quarters Battle
  Chapter  Chapter 9  Operational Tactics
  Chapter  Chapter 10  Types of SWAT Callouts
  Chapter  Section 2  Assessment and Management of Injuries
  Chapter  Chapter 11  Tactical Patient Assessment
  Chapter  Chapter 12  Controlling Bleeding
  Chapter  Chapter 13  Basic Airway Management
  Chapter  Chapter 14  Advanced Airway Management
  Chapter  Chapter 15  Shock Management
  Chapter  Chapter 16  Extraction and Evacuation
  Chapter  Chapter 17  Ballistic, Blast, Less-Lethal Weapons Injuries
  Chapter  Chapter 18  Torso Injuries
  Chapter  Chapter 19  Head, Neck, and Spine Injuries
  Chapter  Chapter 20  Extremity Injuries
  Chapter  Chapter 21  Soft-Tissue Injuries
  Chapter  Chapter 22  Environmental Emergencies
  Chapter  Chapter 23  Medications in the Tactical Environment
  Chapter  Chapter 24  Weapons of Mass Destruction
  Chapter  Chapter 25  Hazardous Materials and Clandestine Drug Labs
  Chapter  Chapter 26  Challenges in Tactical Medicine
  Chapter  Appendix A  K-9 Management
  Chapter  Appendix B  TEMS Forms
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