Pocket Atlas of Emergency Ultrasound (AMAZON)

Pocket Atlas of Emergency Ultrasound (AMAZON)

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Improve your ability to perform and interpret emergency ultrasound exams with this unique pocket atlas

Featuring more than 400 ultrasound images, dozens of illustrations, and concise, bulleted text, Pocket Atlas of Emergency Ultrasound allows you to instantly compare and contrast your real-time images with those identified here. You will also find valuable how-to guidance covering essentials such as probe placement, patient positioning, and proper settings along with anatomical drawings that help you visualize affected organs.

You’ll also find:
  • Clinical Considerations
  • Clinical Indications
  • Anatomic Considerations
  • Technique and Normal Findings
  • Tips to Improve Image Acquisition
  • Common and Emergent Abnormalities
  • Pitfalls

O. John Ma, MD
James R. Mateer, MD, RDMS
Robert Reardon, MD
Chapter 1. Trauma;
Chapter 2. Pregnancy;
Chapter 3. Gynecologic Emergencies;
Chapter 4. Surgical Emergencies;
Chapter 5. The Heart;
Chapter 6. Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm;
Chapter 7. Deep Venous Thrombosis;
Chapter 8. Liver and Bile Ducts;
Chapter 9. The Kidney;
Chapter 10. The Testicles;
Chapter 11. Soft Tissue;
Chapter 12. The Eye;
Chapter 13. Pediatric Emergencies
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