The Manual of Healthcare Leadership (AMAZON)

The Manual of Healthcare Leadership (AMAZON)

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How physician executives and managers can become outstanding leaders in times of rapid change

Written by authors who have more than sixty years of combined experience in healthcare, physician, and organizational leadership, this groundbreaking book is an innovative blueprint for overcoming the complex changes and challenges faced by leaders in today's healthcare environment.

Rather than being a theoretic work, The Manual of Healthcare Leadership is intended to be a relevant, practical, and real-world guide that addresses the myriad organizational, regulatory, budgetary, legal, staffing, educational, political, and social issues facing leaders in the healthcare industry. One of the primary goals of this book is to enable readers to maximize the performance of each staff member in the interest of collectively providing peerless healthcare to their service community.

The strategies offered throughout the text include the "why, what, and how" necessary to solve specific problems and challenges encountered by healthcare managers and leaders. Instruction is provided not only with text, but with diagrams and other resources specifically designed to demonstrate sequential thinking and the progressive application of solutions.

With this book in hand, healthcare leaders will be able to confidently select, train, guide, and assess their staff. They will also be able to negotiate, plan, resolve problems, manage change and crisis, and handle the thousand and one other challenges that come their way on a daily basis.

Donald Lombardi, MD
Anthony Slonim

Table of contents

Part 1: Core Management Skills for the Physician Leaders

Chapter 1: Managing within a Progressive Healthcare Organization
Healthcare Policy and Politics
Healthcare Organizations: An Overview
Governance Issues
Strategic Planning
The Law, Compliance, Regulatory and Accreditation Issues
Healthcare Finance
Managing Risk
Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety
Organizing Efficiency into Healthcare
Ethical Challenges

Chapter 2: Building a High-Performance Team
Interviewing and Hiring for Success
Improving and Promoting Performance Excellence in Physicians
Physician Contracting
Medical Staff Operations: Credentialing and Privileging
Teamwork and the Role of Physicians on Teams

Chapter 3: Managing Data, Decisions and Development
Using Data to Drive Performance
All the Statistics You Need
A Continuous Learning Approach

Chapter 4: Maximizing Change, Culture and Crisis
The Importance of Climate and Culture

Part 2: Leadership Strategies for Physician Executive Roles

Chapter 5: Establishing Pride, Accountability, Commitment and Trust

Chapter 6: Practical and Proven Negotiation Strategies

Chapter 7: Strategic Planning for the Real World of Healthcare

Chapter 8: Performance Assessment, Evaluation and Re-Direction

Part 3: Communication Practices for Physician Executives

Chapter 9:- Communicating with Your Boss and Your Board
What Board Chairmen want Physician Leaders to Know

Chapter 10: Collaborating Constructively with Your CEO and Fellow Executives

Chapter 11: Effectively Communicating with External Constituents
What Health Plan Executives want Physician Leaders to Know
How to run Community Forums in your Patient Community
What Nursing Home Administrators want Physician Leaders to Know
What Hospital Attorneys want Physician Leaders to Know
What Other Physician Executives want Physician Leaders to Know
What Nurses want Physician Leaders to Know

Chapter 12: Patient-Physician-Office Communication
The (NJ) 20 Biggest Complaints of customers/patients and how to resolve them.
Dynamics of change and medical office communication stress reduction strategy

Part 4: Integrative Case Studies
Four case studies, each one representing a separate chapter, which uses one of the four case exemplars to emphasize the lessons in the book, including elucidation of:
-- Advancing a Program
-- Physician Behavior and Performance Issues
-- Motivating Your Team and Challenges to Teamwork

2013/ softcover/ 384 pages / McGraw-Hill

ISBN 9780071794848

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