Risk Management and the Emergency Department (AMAZON)

Risk Management and the Emergency Department (AMAZON)

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The Emergency Room (ED) is not only the front door to your hospital; it's where your organization is most susceptible to inefficiencies and adverse outcomes. This handbook provides the knowledge and tools you need to address or avoid the problems inherent in ED healthcare.

With an emphasis on the importance of leadership, the authors explore how executives can design systems that minimize risk at the front lines. Real-world examples illustrate strategies that led to a safer, more reliable healthcare environment.

Topics covered include:

  • Elements of the ED that can contribute to waits, delays, and errors
  • The role of the board in risk-management strategies standardization in the ED
  • The power of apologies in emergency medicine
  • Popular myths and misinformation surrounding EMTALA, HIPAA, Stark, and kickbacks
  • Management of the twelve "deadly" clinical scenarios that lead to most ED lawsuits
  • The basics of a lawsuit, including causation, breach, negligence, and damages
  • Survival strategies when legal action is imminent
  • Alignment of clinicians and administrators during legal proceedings

Shari Welch
Kevin Klauer DO, EJD, FACEP
Sarah Freymann Fontenot
 Publisher:   Health Administration Press
 Published: 2011 
 Pages:  300
 Format:     Softcover   
 Dimensions:  10x7
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