Physician Manager's Handbook: Essential Business Skills for Succeeding in Health Care, 2E (AMAZON)

Physician Manager's Handbook: Essential Business Skills for Succeeding in Health Care, 2E (AMAZON)

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Physicians are increasingly taking on new roles as executives and managers in today's health care delivery system. As such, management skills should be an essential part of every physician's repertoire. Provides MBA-level business skills in core business areas, all illustrated with new case analyses and examples to demonstrate how to implement the methods discussed in the text. Through practical approaches to health system management and leadership problems encountered by physicians, this text is an ideal resource every physician manager needs to succeed on the business level.

Provides MBA-level business skills in management, marketing, finance, evaluating and leading employees, negotiation, and quality improvement.

Also includes extensive updates and content additions on using the Internet, NetPresent value and internal rate of return, physician evaluation and compensation systems, employment methods, leadership and how to vary your leadership style, how to lead meetings and get the most out of them, integrating acquisitions, and anti-kickbacks and anti-referral legislation.

Robert J. Solomon
Chapter 1: Financial Management
Chapter 2: Cash Management and Collection in Private Practices
            Appendix 2-A
Chapter 3: Evaluating Performance
Chapter 4: Employment Methods
Chapter 5: Consulting Employees
            Appendix 5-A
Chapter 6: Leading Your Employees and Colleagues
            Appendix 6-1
Chapter 7: Marketing
Chapter 8: Negotiation
            Appendix 8-A
Chapter 9: Organizational Integration
           Appendix 9-1
Chapter 10: Business Law
Chapter 11: Quality Improvement
Chapter 12: Final Thoughts  
Publisher: Jones and Bartlett
Published: 2008
Pages: 442
Format: Hardcover
Dimensions: 8x10
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