Leadership for Smooth Patient Flow (AMAZON)

Leadership for Smooth Patient Flow (AMAZON)

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Provides the inspiration, information, and ideas you need to lead patient flow improvement efforts at your organization. You will learn from the successes and failures of the authors—health care leaders who have played pivotal roles in patient flow improvement projects. Begins by explaining the fundamentals of patient flow and providing a solid business case for pursuing improvement efforts. Uses real-life examples to explain common patient flow theories and improvement methods. The heart of the book focuses on the practical information and leadership techniques you can use to foster change and remove the barriers to smooth patient flow.

Thom A. Mayer, MD, FACEP
Kirk Jensen, MD, FACEP
Shari J. Welch, MD
Carol Haraden, PhD
1. Defining Flow
2. The Benefits of Flow
3. The Business Case for Flow
4. Leadership for Flow
5. Theories and Measurements of Flow
6. Toolkit: Strategies for a Systems Approach
Appendix 1: Definitions, Concepts, and Measues from the Atlanta Summit Proceedings
Appendix 2: Glossary of Terms
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You will learn how to:

  • Break down departmental silos and build a multidisciplinary patient flow team
  • Use metrics and benchmarking data to evaluate your organization and set goals
  • Create and implement a reward system to initiate and sustain good patient flow behaviors
  • Improve patient flow through the emergency department—the main point of entry into your organization
  • The book also explores what healthcare institutions can learn from other service organizations including Disney, Ritz-Carlton, and Starbucks. It discusses how to adapt their successful demand management and customer service techniques to the healthcare environment.
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