CT for the NonRadiologist (AMAZON)

CT for the NonRadiologist (AMAZON)

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This book is the CT handbook for the non-radiologist.
It is an aid in diagnosing frequent urgent conditions with CT. The work is intended for medical professionals including nurses, nurse practitioners, Physician Assistants, medical students, medical residents in-training, and non-radiologist physicians. This book is set-up in a case format with each chapter is dedicated to a different section. Each case is presented as an unknown; with a non-annotated image followed by brief discussion regarding the use of IV and oral contrast, key CT findings, pathology facts, and treatment. This is then followed-up with the annotated image along with a brief discussion on the radiographic findings, tips to interpretation, and basic anatomy. The sections covered include CT: Brain, Neck, Spine, Chest, and Abdomen.

Dr. Rocky Saenz

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Xlibris Corporation



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