Cook County Manual of Emergency Procedures (AMAZON)

Cook County Manual of Emergency Procedures (AMAZON)

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Written by senior faculty at Cook County Hospital, Cook County Manual of Emergency Procedures presents over 100 procedures performed in the emergency department in a templated, bulleted format. This text is an invaluable guide for the clinician who may confront a wide range of emergencies, both common and less common. Key illustrations guide the reader through topics ranging from airway management to nerve blocks, suturing, splinting, dental emergencies, and ultrasound-guided procedures. The text is supplemented with step-by-step videos of select techniques, which are available on the companion website.

Robert R Simon MD, FAAEM
Christopher Ross MD, FACEP, FAAEM, FRCPC
Steven H Bowman MD, FACEP
Pierre E Wakim DO, FACEP

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Wolters Kluwer



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