Case Studies in Emergency Medicine (AMAZON)

Case Studies in Emergency Medicine (AMAZON)

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A case-based book organized by the top 10 common complaints of patients presenting to emergency departments. This approach allows the reader to learn the pathophysiology of the major diseases, and analyze each case in a way that more closely approximates the clinical practice of medicine; not knowing which organ system is damaged or compromised before examining the patient. The cases are based on real patients and the diseases are either common in emergency practice or are dangerous diagnoses not to be missed. The case descriptions include questions regarding the patient's presentation and basic information about the disease, illustrating key elements from the history, physical, and, when necessary, ancillary studies that help lead to a diagnosis. Each chapter ends with a flow diagram showing how diseases of different organ systems can present with similar initial complaints. This book is an ideal resource for medical students, residents, and trainees in emergency medicine.

  • Each case includes questions allowing readers to consider the most appropriate next clinical step
  • Each case has separate text boxes for history, physical, and, when necessary, ancillary studies leading to diagnosis, helping readers understand the critical steps in diagnostic reasoning
  • Each chapter has a flow diagram illustrating inductive and deductive reasoning, with the benefit of reinforcing the fact that different organ systems can present with similar chief complaints

Rebecca Jeanamonod, MD
Michelle Tomassi, MD
Dan Mayer
1. How to use this book
2. Abdominal pain
3. Fever
4. Chest pain
5. Shortness of breath
6. Traumatic injuries
7. Eye, ear, nose, and throat complaints
8. Pelvic pain
9. Headache
10. Back pain
11. Altered mental status
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