Bouncebacks! Emergency Department Cases: ED Returns (AMAZON)

Bouncebacks! Emergency Department Cases: ED Returns (AMAZON)

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Case-based for the most effective learning and retention, this book helps emergency physicians sharpen their analytical skills to improve patient safety. The illustrative cases educate emergency physicians in documentation, risk management, and evaluation and management of common emergency department complaints and diagnoses. Although patients in these cases were not entirely mismanaged, often important “red flags” were missed or ignored.

The cases are structured to provide high learning impact and cover: documentation of initial visits; expert commentary on evaluation and documentation from medical and risk management perspectives; final emergency department visits, diagnosis, and hospital/surgical courses; and national experts’ referenced discussions of appropriate emergency department approaches to diagnosis and management.

Gregory L. Henry, MD, FACEP
Michael B. Weinstock, MD
Ryan Longstreth, MD
Preface—Using This Book
About the Authors
Case 1: 18-year-old male with left hand pain
Case 2: 33-year-old male with abdominal pain
Case 3: 71-year-old male with back pain
Case 4: 37-year-old female with headache & flu-like symptoms
Case 5: 17-year-old male with fever & headache
Case 6: 24-year-old male with abdominal pain
Case 7: 38-year-old male with chest pain
Case 8: 38-year-old female with abdominal pain
Case 9: 34-year-old male with leg pain
Case 10: 50-year-old male with gallbladder inflammation
Case 11: 37-year-old male with headache
Case 12: 42-year-old female with headache
Case 13: 71-year-old female with bipolar disease & should pain
Case 14: 55-year-old male with LUQ abdominal pain S/P MVA
Case 15: 45-year-old male with cough & sore throat
Case 16: 46-year-old male with neck & upper back pain
Case 17: 82-year-old female with generalized weakness
Case 18: 10-year-old male with eye pain
Case 19: 57-year-old male with heart fluttering & lightheadedness
Case 20: 76-year-old female with syncope
Case 21: 47-year-ol female with flank pain
Case 22: 28-year-old pregnant female with shortness of breath
Case 23: 51-year-old male with back pain
Case 24: 48-year- old male with back pain & fever
Case 25: 6-year-old male with abdominal pain
Case 26: 53-year-old female with headache and eye pain
Case 27: 30-year-old pregnant female with abdominal pain
Case 28: 36 year old male with fever and myalgias
Case 29: 29-year-old female with chest pain
Case 30: 5-month-old male with cough & easy bruising
Legal considerations: so you want to be sued for malpractice
Personal notes of authors
Publisher:    Anadem Publishing, Inc.
 Published:  2006
 Pages:  504    
 Format :    Softcover    
 Dimensions:   7x9

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