Strange and Schafermeyer's Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Fourth Edition (AMAZON)

Strange and Schafermeyer's Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Fourth Edition (AMAZON)

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This new edition is fully updated, full-color, and highly illustrated. The symptom-based section on cardinal presentations in pediatric emergency medicine provides the most essential life-saving information. All chapters focus on practical, need-to-know information. Subsequent sections cover all categories of disease that presents in children on an urgent or emergent basis. Chapters are clear and concise, focused on what needs to be done to protect and save the child.


    • Highly illustrated-1200 color images in 900 pages Key points at the start of every chapter
    • ALGORITHMS: Over 100 Diagnostic and treatment algorithms
    • Treatment tables with drug dosages
    • Comprehensive and detailed
    • Focuses on clinically relevant information
    • Authoritative content endorsed by ACEP

Robert W. Schafermeyer, MD, FACEP, FAAP; Milton Tenenbein, MD, FRCPC, FAAP, FAACT, FACMT; Ghazala Q. Sharieff, MD; Loren G. Yamamoto, MD, MPH, MBA; Charles G. Macias, MD




SECTION I: CARDINAL PRESENTATIONS1. Approach to the Child in the Emergency Department, Valerie McDougall Kestner2. The Febrile- or Septic-Appearing Neonate, Robert A. Felter and Ron D. Waldrop3. The Febrile- or Septic-Appearing Infant or Child, Ron D. Waldrop and Robert A. Felter4. Respiratory Distress, Joanna Cohen and Kathleen M. Brown5. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and Apparent Life-Threatening Event, Collin S. Goto and Sing-Yi-Feng6. Altered Mental Status and Coma, Susan Fuchs7. Seizures, Susan Fuchs8. Chest Pain, Wendy C. Matsuno9. Acute Abdominal Conditions, Jonathan Singer 10. Vomiting, Diarrhea, and Gastroenteritis, William R. Ahrens11. Feeding Disorders, William R. Ahrens12. Jaundice, Anjali Singh and William R. Ahrens13. The Crying Infant, Joan M. Mavrinac14. Limping Child, Isabel A. Barata15. Mild Head Injury in Children, Eustacia Su16. Approach to the Patient with Rash, Elizabeth Turner and Gregory Garra17. Neck Masses, Raemma Paredes Luck18. Neonatal Emergencies, Alfred Sacchetti19. The Transplant Patient in the ED, Neil A. Evans and Susan M. Scott

SECTION II: SEDATION, ANALGESIA, AND IMAGING20. Procedural Sedation and Analgesia, Amy L. Baxter21. Pain Management, Amy L. Baxter and Lindsey L. Cohen22. Imaging, Wendy C. Matsuno

SECTION III: RESUSCITATION23. Airway Management, Loren G. Yamamoto24. Respiratory Failure, Lynette L. Young25. Shock, Jonathan K. Marr26. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, Alson S. Inaba27. Neonatal Resuscitation, Paul Jeremy Eakin

SECTION IV: TRAUMA28. Evaluation and Management of the Multiple Trauma Patient, Michael J. Gerardi29. Head Trauma, Kimberly S. Quayle30. Pediatric Cervical Spine Injury, Julie Leonard and Jeffrey Russell Leonard31. Thoracic Trauma, Karen O'Connell, Wendy Ann Lucid, and Todd Brian Taylor32. Abdominal Trauma, Shireen M. Atabaki, Wendy Ann Lucid, and Todd Brian Taylor33. Genitourinary Trauma, Joyce C. Arpilleda34. Maxillofacial Trauma, Joanna York and Stephen A. Colucciello35. Orthopedic Injuries, Greg Canty36. Pediatric Sports Injuries in the ED, Greg Canty37. Injuries of the Upper Extremities, Jim R. Harley38. Injuries of the Pelvis and Lower Extremities, Greg Canty39. Soft Tissue Injury and Wound Repair, D. Matthew Sullivan

SECTION V: RESPIRATORY EMERGENCIES40. Upper Airway Emergencies, Richard M. Cantor and Linnea Wittick41. Asthma, Kathleen M. Brown42. Bronchiolitis, Kathleen M. Brown43. Pneumonia, Sharon E. Mace44. Pertussis, Sharon E. Mace45. Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia, Madeline Matar Joseph46. Cystic Fibrosis, Sabah F. Iqbal, Kathleen M. Brown, and Bruce L. Klein
SECTION VI: CARDIOVASCULAR EMERGENCIES47. Congenital Heart Disease, Timothy Horeczko and Kelly D. Young48. Congestive Heart Failure, Donna M. Moro-Sutherland, William C. Toepper, and Jollo Barbosa49. Inflammatory and Infectious Heart Disease, William T. Tsai50. Dysrhythmias in Children, Ghazala Q. Sharieff and Stephanie Donige51. Pediatric Hypertension, Emily C. MacNeill52. Thromboembolic Disease, Lee S. Benjamin
SECTION VII: NEUROLOGIC EMERGENCIES53. Syncope, Susan Fuchs54. Ataxia, Susan Fuchs55. Weakness, Susan Fuchs56. Headache, Susan Fuchs57. Hydrocephalus, Susan Fuchs58. Cerebral Palsy, Susan Fuchs59. Cerebrovascular Syndromes, Susan Fuchs

SECTION VIII: INFECTIOUS EMERGENCIES60. Influenza, Karen C. Hayani and Arthur L. Frank61. Meningitis, Steven Lelyveld and Gary R. Strange62. Toxic Shock Syndrome, Shabnam Jain and Anthony Cooley63. Kawasaki Disease, Anthony Cooley and Shabnam Jain64. The Pediatric HIV Patient in the ED, John F. Marcinak65. Tick-Borne Infections, Scott A. Heinrich, Marcie Stosbak-Chavez, and Kennedy K. McQuillen66. Common Parasitic Infestations, Steven Lelyveld and Gary R. Strange67. Imported Diseases/Diseases in the Traveling Child, Thomas L. Hurt68. Bioterrorism: A Pediatric Perspective, Janet Lin and Timothy B. Erickson

SECTION IX: IMMUNOLOGIC EMERGENCIES69. Common Allergic Presentations: Allergic Conjunctivitis/Rhinitis, William R. Ahrens70. Anaphylaxis, E. Bradshaw Bunney

SECTION X: GASTROINTESTINAL EMERGENCIES71. Abdominal Pain, Philip H. Ewing72. Gastrointestinal Bleeding, Rebecca L. Patridge73. Gastroesophageal Reflux, Jamie N. Deis and Thomas J. Abramo74. Gastrointestinal Foreign Bodies, Philip H. Ewing75. Liver and Gallbladder, Ashley Kumar and Susan M. Scott SECTION XI: ENDOCRINE EMERGENCIES76. Disorders of Glucose Metabolism, Nicholas Furtado77. Adrenal Insufficiency, Nicholas Furtado78. Hyperthyroidism, Nicholas Furtado79. Rickets, Carla Minutti80. Fluid and Electrolyte Disorders, Susan A. Kecskes81. Inborn Errors of Metabolism, George F. Hoganson

SECTION XII: GENITOURINARY EMERGENCIES82. John W. Williams and Marianne Gausche-Hill83. Urinary Tract Diseases, John W. Williams and Marianne Gausche-Hill84. Specific Renal Syndromes, Roger M. Barkin

SECTION XIII: DERMATOLOGIC EMERGENCIES85. Petechiae and Purpura, Malee V. Shah and Robert A. Wiebe86. Pruritic Rashes, Malee V. Shah and Robert A. Wiebe87. Superficial Skin Infections, Malee V. Shah and Robert A. Wiebe88. Exanthems, Robert A. Wiebe and Malee V. Shah89. Infant Rashes, Robert A. Wiebe and Malee V. Shah SECTION XIV: OTOLARYNGOLOGIC EMERGENCIES90. Ear and Nose Emergencies, Raemma Paredes Luck and Evan J. Weiner91. Emergencies of the Oral Cavity and Neck, Daryl Williams and Gregory Garra

SECTION XV: OPHTHALMOLOGIC EMERGENCIES92. Eye Trauma, Jeremiah J. Johnson and Stephen A. Colucciello93. Eye Emergencies in Childhood, Lauren P. Ortega, Katherine M. Konzen, and Ghazala Q. Sharieff SECTION XVI: GYNECOLOGIC EMERGENCIES94. The Adolescent Pregnant Patient, Adriana M. Rodriguez, Pamela J. Okada, and Jeanne S. Sheffield95. Gynecologic Disorders of Infancy, Childhood, and Adolescence, Geetha M. Devdas and Maria Stephan96. Vaginitis, Geetha M. Devdas and Maria Stephan97. Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Geetha M. Devdas and Maria Stephan98. Dysmenorrhea and Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding, Mercedes Uribe and Pamela J. Okada

SECTION XVII: HEMATOLOGIC AND ONCOLOGIC EMERGENCIES99. Anemia, Audra L. McCreight and Jonathan E. Wickiser100. Sickle Cell Disease, Audra L. McCreight and Jonathan E. Wickiser101. Bleeding Disorders, Audra L. McCreight and Jonathan E. Wickiser102. Blood Component Therapy, Audra L. McCreight and Jonathan E. Wickiser103. Oncologic Emergencies, Audra L. McCreight and Jonathan E. Wickiser SECTION XVIII: NON-TRAUMATIC BONE AND JOINT DISORDERS104. Infectious Musculoskeletal Disorders, Kennedy K. McQuillen105. Inflammatory Musculoskeletal Disorders, Kennedy K. McQuillen106. Nonmalignant Tumors of Bone, Kennedy K. McQuillen

SECTION XIV: TOXICOLOGIC EMERGENCIES107. General Approach to the Poisoned Pediatric Patient, Timothy B. Erickson Part 1: Antipyretic Analgesics108. Acetaminophen, Leon Gussow109. Aspirin, Michele Zell-Kanter110. Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs, Michele Zell-Kanter Part 2: Household Chemicals111. Toxic Alcohols, Timothy B. Erickson112. Organophosphates and Carbamates, Leon Gussow113. Caustics, Jenny J. Lu and Trevonne M. Thompson114. Hydrocarbons, Trevonne M. Thompson115. Rodenticides, Michael S. Wahl and Anthony Burda Part 3: Prescription Drugs116. Cardiotoxins, Allan R. Mottram and Jerrold B. Leikin117. Antidepressants, Timothy Meehan and Steven E. Aks118. Neuroleptics, Timothy B. Erickson119. Isoniazid Toxicity, Jennny J. Lu and Theodore Toerne120. Carbon Monoxide Poisoning, Sean M. Bryant Part 4: Drugs of Abuse121. Opioids, Timothy B. Erickson122. Cocaine Toxicity, Steven E. Aks123. Phencyclidine and Ketamine Toxicity124. Amphetamines, James W. Rhee125. Gamma-Hydroxybutyrate, Jenny J. Lu and Timothy B. Erickson126. Lead Poisoning, Mark B. Mycyk127. Iron Poisoning, Steven E. Aks Part 5: Environmental Poisons128. Cyanide Poisoning, Mark B. Mycyk129. Mushroom Poisoning, Steven E. Aks130. Poisonous Plants, Ejaaz A. Kalimullah and Andrea G. Carlson131. Lethal Toxins in Small Doses, Leon Gussow132. Chemical Weapons: Nerve Agents and Vesicants, Leon Gussow

SECTION XX: ENVIRONMENTAL EMERGENCIES133. Human and Animal Bites, David Townes134. Snake Envenomations, Timothy B. Erickson and Andrew Zinkel135. Spider and Arthropod Bites, Timothy B. Erickson and Renee King136. Marine Envenomations, Timothy B. Erickson and Armando Marquez137. Drowning, Julie Martino and Mark Mackey138. Pediatric Burns, Kavitha Reddy and Lisa Parke Maier139. Electrical and Lightning Injuries, Mary Ann Cooper140. Heat and Cold Illness, Heather M. Prendergast and Gary R. Strange141. High-Altitude Illness, Ira J. Blumen and Janis Tupesis142. Dysbaric Injuries, Ira J. Blumen and Lisa Rapoport143. Radiation Emergencies, Ira J. Blumen and James W. Rhee

SECTION XXI: PSYCHOSOCIAL EMERGENCIES144. Sexual Abuse, Sara L. Beers and Matthew Cox145. Abuse and Neglect, Matthew Cox and Sara L. Beers146. Psychiatric Emergencies, Catherine Porter Moore147. Death of a Child in the Emergency Department, William R. Ahrens

SECTION XXII: EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICES AND MASS CASUALTY INCIDENTS148. Pediatric Prehospital Care, Craig J. Huang and Maeve Sheehan149. Interfacility Transport, Maeve Sheehan and Craig J. Huang150. Mass Casualty Management, Janet Lin

SECTION XXIII: MEDICOLEGAL AND ADMINISTRATIVE ISSUES151. Medico-Legal Considerations, William R. Ahrens152. Ethical Considerations, Alan Johnson153. Withholding or Terminating Resuscitation and Brain Death, Howard Hast

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