Clinical Manual of Emergency Pediatrics, 5th Edition (AMAZON)

Clinical Manual of Emergency Pediatrics, 5th Edition (AMAZON)

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Concise, portable handbook summarizing the wide range of conditions encountered in pediatric emergency departments. Because children with acute problems often receive care in private offices and clinics, it is equally relevant for pediatricians, emergency physicians, family practitioners, and internists. The fifth edition of this hugely successful resource is the leading book of its kind for several reasons:
  • Clear, concise guidance is given for patient evaluation and followup and explicit indications for admission
  • Every chapter is organized in a standard format, making it very easy for a reader to locate critical information rapidly
  • A dedicated 'Special Considerations' chapter addresses difficult problems such as the crying infant and the cross-cultural encounter
  • Numerous new topics are included, making Clinical Manual of Emergency Pediatrics, 5th edition an invaluable resource for any physician working in acute care settings where children are seen.
  • Portable, with logically-arranged chapters enabling quick reference in busy clinical setting
  • Well-established; now in its 5th edition and known as the 'practical bible' of pediatric emergency care

Ellen F. Crain, MD, PhD
Jeffrey C. Gershel, MD
1. Resuscitation
2. Allergic emergencies
3. Cardiac emergencies
4. Dental emergencies
5. Dermatologic emergencies
6. ENT emergencies
7. Endocrine emergencies
8. Environmental emergencies
9. Gastrointestinal emergencies
10. Emergencies associated with genetic syndromes
11. Genitourinary emergencies
12. Gynecologic emergencies
13. Hematologic emergencies
14. Infectious disease emergencies
15. Ingestions
16. Neurologic emergencies
17. Ophthalmic emergencies
18. Orthopedic emergencies
19. Physical and sexual abuse
20. Psychological and social emergencies
21. Pulmonary emergencies
22. Radiology
23. Renal emergencies
24. Rheumatologic emergencies
25. Sedation and analgesia
26. Trauma
27. Wound care and minor trauma
28. Special considerations in pediatric emergency care.
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Published  :  2011 
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