Neurology Emergencies (AMAZON)

Neurology Emergencies (AMAZON)

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This compact handbook provides all the essential specific steps for assessment and management of emergencies in neurology. Edited by an emergency medicine physician and a neurologist, these chapters are easy to review during or after a busy shift. Focus is placed on the acute patient with both common and complex neurological presentations. Also covered are specific, diagnosis-based problems, including traumatic brain injury, stroke, and seizures. Each chapter is filled with relevant computed tomography, magnetic resonance, and vascular studies, as well as many other images, algorithms, and tables. Neurology Emergencies will prove invaluable not only to busy residents in emergency and internal medicine, family practice and neurology, but also medical students who want to excel. This reference guide will also benefit hospitalists and attendings who care for patients with acute neurological problems.

Jonathan A. Edlow, MD, FACEP
Magdy Selim

1. Approach to the Neurological Patient - Jonathan A. Edlow and Magdy H. Selim

2. Presenting Symptoms - Jonathan A. Edlow and Magdy H. Selim

3. Vascular Processes: Cerebral Ischemia - Radoslav Raychev, Sidney Starkman, and David S. Liebeskind

4. Vascular Processes: Cerebral Hemorrhage - Joshua N. Goldstein and Jonathan Rosand

5. Seizures - Michael Ganetsky and Frank W. Drislane

6. Generalized Weakness - Carl A. Germann and Nicholas Silvestri

7. CNS Infections - J. Stephen Huff and Barnett R. Nathan

8. Selected Cranial and Peripheral Neuropathies - Jonathan A. Edlow and Magdy H. Selim

9. Traumatic Processes - Daniel C. McGillicuddy and John E. McGillicuddy

10. Intracranial Pressure and Hydrocephalus - Scott A. Marshall, Hardin A. Pantle, and Romergryko G. Geocadin

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