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Rapid, thorough, detailed, concise, and easy...this diagnostic resource provides advanced insight into critical findings in EKG interpretation. It offers "can't-miss" tips associated with various readings, helping you make the right decision for every patient, every time. The book fits in your pocket for convenient use on-shift, and it's organized for quick reference. Use this guide to confirm your decision-making in the fast-paced emergency medicine environment. The book is ideally suited for interns, off-service rotating residents, and any health care provider involved in treating cardiac emergencies who would like a ready reference for interpretation back-up.

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Jeremy G. Berberian, MD; Brian J. Levine, MD, FACEP; William J. Brady, MD, FACEP

2017/ 80 Pages/ Softcover / 4x6

ISBN: 978-1-929854-49-3

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