Emergency and Primary Care of the Hand

Emergency and Primary Care of the Hand

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From diagnosis, to treatment, to disposition . . .
From the principles of anatomy, history, and physical examination through anesthesia, repair, and splinting of specific injuries . . .
From the common, everyday presentation to the unique and unusual . . .
Whether you're a student, a resident, a freshly minted FACEP, or a practicing emergency physician with years of experience . . .

ACEP's Emergency and Primary Care of the Hand covers it all.
  • Extensive, detailed, but easy to use as a quick reference—25 chapters organized into four sections that cover all aspects of emergency and primary hand care
  • Equally great for indepth study and as a real-time patient-care tool
  • Comprehensive—wound care, overuse disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome, nail bed injuries, the entire spectrum of fractures and dislocations, wrist injuries, traumatic amputations, burns and cold injuries, infections, even cornpicker, snowblower, and nail gun injuries, and much more
  • Comprehensive, Part 2—beyond the management of specific injuries, you'll learn more about the challenges of pediatric encounters, sports injuries, occupational and workplace issues, and risk management
  • Heavily illustrated—more than 120 original drawings commissioned to illustrate what the text explains
  • The best resource available for you. Conceived, developed, written, and edited by 30 of emergency medicine's experts in the care of hand injuries—your peers—who know you need one book to help you care for the entire range of hand injuries and conditions
Make no mistake: this isn't a "handbook"—it's THE HAND BOOK—the definitive resource on evaluating, diagnosing, and managing hand injuries and disorders in the emergency department or primary care setting.
"Other textbooks focusing on hand injury for the non-hand surgeon ... are effective but not as thorough.... Emergency and Primary Care of the Hand is an excellent book and a must read for emergencty or primary care physicians-in-training and for mature established physicians who desire an easy-to-use, portable reference." —Annals of Emergency Medicine, May 2002

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Raymond G. Hart
Dennis T. Uehara
Mary Jo Wagner
Section I: Principles
Anatomy and Terminology
History and Physical Examination
Diagnostic Imaging
Laceration and Wound Care
Splinting and Casting
Principles of Hand Surgery
Long-Term Care and Rehabilitation
Section II: Fractures and Dislocations
Metacarpal Fractures
Phalangeal Fractures
Joint Injuries
Wrist Injuries
Section III: Specific Injuries
Flexor Tendon Injuries
Extensor Tendon Injuries
Nail Bed and Fingertip Injuries
Neurovascular Injuries
Burns and Cold Injuries
Section IV: Special Topics
Pediatric Injuries
Sports Injuries
Occupational Injuries
Common, Nonurgent, and Chronic Complaints
Unique Injuries
Risk Management Issues
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The editors of Emergency and Primary Care of the Hand represent three distinct eras in emergency medicine. Dennis T. Uehara, MD, MSAM, FACEP, is one of the original educators on emergency care of hand injuries and continues to provide leadership through his teaching, writing, and clinical expertise. Dr. Uehara's mentoring and guidance led to a working relationship and friendship with Raymond G. Hart, MD, MPH, FACEP, that began in the early 1980s. Dr. Hart was initiated into the care of hand injuries in the late 1970s while working in the surgical suites of hand surgery pioneers Harold Kleinert and Joseph Kutz prior to medical school. Mary Jo Wagner, MD, FACEP, is a member of the new generation of dynamic emergency medicine educators and leaders. As a residency program director, Dr. Wagner ensures that the knowledge and experience gained by her generation are passed on to the next.

Dr. Hart is an assistant clinical professor at the University of Louisville School of Medicine and an emergency department attending physician at Veterans Administration Medical Center. Dr. Uehara is a clinical professor of surgery at the University of Illinois College of Medicine (Rockford) and chairman of the Department of Emergency Medicine at Rockford Memorial Hospital. Dr. Wagner is program director of the Saginaw Cooperative Hospitals, Inc./Michigan State University emergency medicine residency and an associate professor at the Michigan State University College of Human Medicine.

Emergency and Primary Care of the Hand