Echo Guided Life Support (AMAZON)

Echo Guided Life Support (AMAZON)

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The EGLS algorithm is a simple and effective framework designed to guide clinicians in the management of shock patients.

Over the last decade, bedside ultrasound has gained widespread acceptance and is now considered standard of care in many clinical situations. With appropriate use, ultrasound can decrease the time to diagnosis and narrow the list of differential diagnosis, two factors essential in the treatment of trauma or hemodynamic instability.

An ultrasound assessment is particularly useful for managing a patient in undifferentiated shock. This book describes how and why an ultrasound assessment called the EGLS algorithm can be an essential tool for managing this time sensitive morbid condition.

Jean-Francois Lanctot , Maxime Valois 

Section 1 (Physics and Instrumentation) of this book addresses basic concepts such as the physics of ultrasound and the use of sonographic equipment.

Section 2 (Image Acquisition and Interpretation) provides essential information regarding image acquisition and interpretation in the context of hemodynamic instability. A systematic, step by step approach to image acquisition and interpretation is described for lung, cardiac, and IVC ultrasound with a summary of common tips and pitfalls.

Section 3 (Putting It All Together) combines lung, cardiac, and IVC ultrasound with the 'sonographic physiology 101' of shock. This section describes how ultrasound can help determine a patient's physiology and estimate their fluid responsiveness. The book closes with a collection of common clinical scenarios to summarize how shock can be efficiently managed with the EGLS algorithm.

  • Paperback: 168 pages
  • Publisher: A-Line Press; 1st edition (April 15, 2016)
  • ISBN-13: 978-0991956623
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