Strauss and Mayer’s Emergency Department Management, ebook

Strauss and Mayer’s Emergency Department Management, ebook

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A Comprehensive, Practical Text on Effectively Running an Emergency Department.

Get the skills you need to lead your management team!


Strauss & Mayer's Emergency Department Management* is a real-world, pragmatic guide designed to help emergency department managers efficiently handle the many complex issues that arise in this challenging clinical environment. Written by professionals who have spent their entire careers in the service of emergency department patients, this unique text delivers practical solutions to virtually any problem that may arise in running an emergency department or acute care center. 

Discover practical solutions to virtually any problem that may arise and confidently:

  • Respond to the complex and evolving ED environment
  • Embrace dynamic factors to coordinate multiple ED processes
  • Formulate, develop and implement a vision for your ED
  • Influence others to create meaningful change through effective leadership
  • Work in partnership with hospital governance

Keep the experts on your bookshelf.

Strauss & Mayer's Emergency Department Management will help you navigate the leadership challenges that arise daily in your emergency department.


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Robert W. Strauss, MD, FACEP
Thom A. Mayer, MD, FACEP
  1. Leadership Principles
  2. Operations: General
  3. Operations: Flow
  4. Operations: Emergency Department Diversification
  5. Informatics
  6. Quality and Service
  7. Finance
  8. Reimbursement
  9. Contracts
  10. Legal and Regulatory Issues
  11. Malpractice
  12. Human Resources
  13. Health Care Policy
  14. Education