Emergency Dermatology (AMAZON)

Emergency Dermatology (AMAZON)

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Many physicians and patients do not believe that dermatology involves life-threatening situations. However, there are many emergencies that the dermatologist needs to address and many cutaneous diseases in the ED that require rapid dermatologic consultation. The emergency physician is frequently the first physician to examine these patients before a hospital admission and also the first to identify a critical situation, stabilize the patient, and choose urgent and appropriate intervention. The first chapters of this book are directed toward those physicians who care for hospitalized patients with severe and dangerous skin diseases. Later chapters are intended for all physicians, including dermatologists, who wish to hone their diagnostic skills, expand their knowledge and understanding of pathological events, and learn treatment options available for acute life-threatening skin diseases. This book brings together top dermatologists around the world to address the complicated and multifaceted field of dermatologic emergencies.

  • Unique to the market, thoroughly covers all dermatologic emergencies, causes, and treatments, not only for dermatologists, but emergency physicians as well
  • Well-illustrated, 4-color throughout
  • Top names in the field of dermatology, with treatment options from around the world

Ronni Wolf
Batya Davidovici
Jennifer L. Parish
Lawrence C. Parish
1. Cell injury and cell death Adone Baroni, Eleonora Rocco, Maria Antoinetta Tufano, and Elisabetta Buommino; 2. Clean and aseptic technique at the bedside Sapna Modi, Aron J. Gewirtzman, and Stephen Tyring;
3. New antimicrobials Maryann Mikhail and Jeffrey M. Weinberg;
4. Immunomodulators and the 'biologicals' in cutaneous emergencies Batya B. Davidovici and Ronni Wolf;
5. Critical care: stuff you really, really need to know Haim Shmilovich and Arie Roth;
6. Acute skin failure: concept, causes, consequences, and care Robert A. Norman and Gwynn Coatney;
7. Cutaneous symptoms and neonatal emergencies Daniel Wallach and Pierre-Henri Jarreau;
8. Necrotizing soft-tissue infections, including necrotizing fasciitis Ronni Wolf, Yalcin Tuzun, and Batya B. Davidovici;
9. Life-threatening bacterial skin infections Richard B. Cindrich and Donald Rudikoff;
10. Bacteremia, sepsis, septic shock, toxic shock syndrome Geeta Patel, Ryan Hawley, and Noah Scheinfeld;
11. Staphylococcal scalded skin syndrome Eleonora Ruocco, Adone Baroni, Sonia Sangiuliano, Giovanna Donnarumma, and Vincenzo Ruocco;
12. Life-threatening cutaneous viral diseases Aron J. Gewirtzman, Brandon Christianson, Anne Marie Tremaine, Brenda Bartlett, and Stephen Tyring;
13. Life-threatening cutaneous fungal and parasitic diseases Marcia Ramos-e-Silva, Carlos Gustavo Constanca, and Sueli Coelho Carneiro;
14. Life-threatening stings, bites, and marine envenomations Dick M. Elston;
15. Severe, acute adverse cutaneous drug reactions – I. Stevens-Johnson Syndrome and toxic epidermal necrosis Ronni Wolf and Batya B. Davidovici;
16. Severe, acute adverse cutaneous drug reactions – II. DRESS Syndrome, serum sickness-like reaction Ronni Wolf and Batya B. Davidovici;
17. Severe, acute complications of dermatologic therapies Ronni Wolf, Jasna Lipozencic, and Batya B. Davidovici;
18. Severe, acute allergic and immunologic reactions – I. Urticaria, angioedema, and anaphylaxis Samuel H. Allen; 19. Severe, acute allergic and immunologic reactions – II. Other hypersensitivities and immune defects, including HIV Samuel H. Allen;
20. Graft versus host disease Jasna Lipozencic and Ronni Wolf;
21. Erythroderma/exfoliative dermatitis Virenda N. Sehgal and Govind Srivastava;
22. Acute, severe bullous dermatoses Snejina Vassileva;
23. Emergency management of purpura and vasculitis, including purpura fulminans Lucio Andreassi and Robert Bilenchi;
24. Emergency management of connective tissue disorders and their complications Kristen Biggers and Noah Scheinfeld;
25. Skin signs of systemic infections Jana Kazandjieva, Georgeta Bocheva, and Nikolai Tsankov;
26. Skin signs of systemic neoplastic diseases and paraneoplastic cutaneous syndromes Kyrill Pramatarov;
27. Burn injury Samuel H. Allen;
28. The urgent dermatoses of anorectal regions Yalcin Tuzun and Sadiye Keskin;
29. Emergency management of sexually transmitted diseases and other genital-urethral disorders Michael Waugh;
30. Emergency management of environmental skin disorders (heat, cold, UV injuries) Larry E. Millikan;
31. Endocrinologic emergencies in dermatology Margaret Ryan, Vincent Savarese, and Serge A. Jabbour;
32. Emergency management of skin torture and self-inflicted dermatoses Danial H. Parish, Hirak B. Routh, Kishore Kumar and Kazal R. Bhowmik;
33. Skin signs of poisoning Batya B. Davidovici and Ronni Wolf;
34. Disaster planning – mass casualty management Lion Poles;
35. Catastrophes in cosmetic procedures Marina Landau and Ronni Wolf;
36. Life-threatening dermatoses in travellers Larry E. Millikan.
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