Dermatology DDX Deck, 2E (AMAZON)

Dermatology DDX Deck, 2E (AMAZON)

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It's DDx To Go! The unique format of the Dermatology DDX Deck gives you a completely portable, uniquely convenient diagnostic tool to compare potential diagnoses visually, side by side, without the need to flip back and forth between different pages. Each laminated card includes full-color images and information about a particular diagnosis , as well as cross references (DDx-refs) to other potential diagnoses. Bound at one corner and small enough to fit in a pocket, this is the perfect reference for those on the front line of dermatological diagnosis!

New to This Edition
    • Take an in-depth approach to patients with skin of color, and cover all the fundamentals of acne, eczema, and psoriasis.

Key Features

    • Gain reliable, practical, and efficient guidance regarding the diagnoses and treatment of 160 of the most common dermatologic disorders, along with clinical tips presented by the experts.
    • Quickly access all the information you need to make the most accurate diagnoses, educate patients in the exam room, or prepare for the board review exam.

Thomas Habif, MD, Adjunct Professor
James Campbell, MD, MS, Adjunct Associate Professor
M. Shane Chapman, MD, Associate Professor
James Dinulos, MD, Associate Professor of Surgery and Pediatrics
Kathryn Zug, MD, Professor of Surgery
1. Basic principles of treatment
2. Topical corticosteroids

3. Acute eczematous inflammation
4. Rhus dermatitis (poison ivy, poison oak, poison sumac)
5. Subacute eczematous inflammation
6. Chronic eczematous inflammation
7. Lichen simplex chronicus
8. Hand eczema
9. Asteatotic eczema
10. Chapped, fissured feet
11. Allergic contact dermatitis
12. Irritant contact dermatitis
13. Fingertip eczema
14. Keratolysis exfoliativa
15. Nummular eczema
16. Pompholyx
17. Prurigo nodularis
18. Stasis dermatitis
19. Venous leg ulcers
20. Atopic dermatitis
21. Autosomal dominant ichthyosis vulgaris
22. Keratosis pilaris
23. Pityriasis alba

24. Acute urticaria
25. Chronic urticaria
26. Physical urticaria
27. Angioedema
28. Mastocytosis (urticaria pigmentosa)
29. Pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy

30. Comedone acne
31. Pustular acne
32. Cystic

Elsevier/Paperback/348 Pages/December 2012


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