Career Planning Guide for Emergency Medicine, 2nd Edition

Career Planning Guide for Emergency Medicine, 2nd Edition

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The second edition of this popular handbook provides a framework for understanding the many complex issues concerning emergency medicine careers. Topics covered include career possibilities, CVs, interview tips, negotiations, benefits and more.

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Gus M. Garmel, MD, FACEP
1. Career Possibilities in Emergency Medicine
2. Getting Started
3. Time-line
4. Putting Together Your Curriculum Vitae and Cover Letters
5. Professional Placement Services
6. The Interview
7. Contracts and Emergency Medicine
8. Evaluating Benefits as Part of Your Compensation
9. Negotiations
10. Summary Pearls
11. Notes
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"This book is especially well suited for residents beinning their last year of training..."  "This should be part of every residency library..."  -Frank McGeorge, MD

Recently reviewed in the Annals of Emergency Medicine, February 2009.

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