Ultrasonography in Trauma: The FAST Exam

Ultrasonography in Trauma: The FAST Exam

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Have you added the power of FAST to your skill set? FAST is Focused Assessment with Sonography for Trauma—a fast, accurate, noninvasive diagnostic imaging test that can be performed on any trauma patient. The 20,000+ subjects in clinical trials and the 200+ associated journal articles attest to one simple fact: Some patients cannot live without it!

There's no better time or place to get the information you need to understand the tools and technology of the FAST exam—the knowledge that is prerequisite for effective hands-on application.

This ACEP book was edited by two of the biggest names in emergency ultrasonography, Dietrich Jehle, MD, FACEP, and Michael B. Heller, MD, FACEP, with contributions from nine other highly respected emergency medicine educators and ultrasonography "pros."

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It's 8 chapters, 5 appendixes, more than 300 high-quality images that depict the entire range of FAST applications with numerous helpful tables, and findings and recommendations supported by the emergency medicine literature.

It's everything you need to know about using sonographic imaging to evaluate trauma patients.

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Dietrich Jehle, MD, FACEP
Michael B. Heller, MD, FACEP
  • Fundamentals of Ultrasonography
  • The FAST Exam
  • Clinical Application of the FAST Exam
  • Specific Organ Injuries
  • Pitfalls in Trauma Ultrasonography
  • Beyond the FAST Exam: Additional Applications of Sonography in Trauma
  • The FAST Exam: A Review of the Literature
  • Training and Credentialing
  • Terminology
  • And appendixes addressing ideal machine characteristics, anatomic considerations, axial and lateral resolution, and forming the image
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Ultrasonography in Trauma 
BOOK REVIEW — “Ultrasonography in Trauma: The FAST Exam is the first book written by emergency physicians solely on the subject of the use of ultrasonography in trauma. The book, however, touches on many other subjects, including cutting-edge ultrasonography applications and techniques that may be used in teaching ultrasonography to new users....This text should be required reading for all surgery, radiology, and emergency residents who train in trauma centers. For those who already own any of the standard introductory texts on ultrasonography in the ED, they will find this book unique and worth owning.”—Annals of Emergency Medicine, May 2004