Atlas of Emergency Ultrasound (AMAZON)

Atlas of Emergency Ultrasound (AMAZON)

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There are already plenty of reference texts on how to perform a bedside ultrasound. Atlas of Emergency Ultrasound is different. It is a visually dynamic atlas, packed full of images of a broad spectrum of pathologic entities and emergency conditions. Over 300 detailed examples of positive ultrasound findings are provided, covering every organ system and showcasing the full range of pathology the clinician might encounter when using ultrasound. Each condition comprises several images with detailed captions and minimal text, enabling quick reference in a busy clinical setting. Both common and rare findings are included. A free companion website is also available (, featuring videos of cardiac, vascular, and gastrointestinal ultrasound sequences and a range of ultrasound-guided procedures. Written by a leading emergency ultrasound physician and educator and containing over 800 high-quality images, Atlas of Emergency Ultrasound is an invaluable resource for any clinician using bedside ultrasound.


  • Uses detailed key pathologic entities to guide the clinician to the key elements of the image 
  • Companion website of videos, giving a dynamic understanding of moving structures such as the heart 
  • Includes rare findings with examples to which the reader can refer to aid in diagnosing unusual cases

J. Christian Fox
University of California, Irvine
1. Biliary ultrasound, Dan Gromis
2. Focused assessment with sonography in trauma, Trish Fermin and John Christian Fox
3. Cardiac ultrasound, Shane Summers
4. Pelvic ultrasound, Cindy Chau and John Christian Fox
5. Pediatric ultrasound, George Mittendorf and Stephanie Doniger
6. Musculoskeletal ultrasound, Jennifer McBride and Deborah Shipley
7. Ocular ultrasound, George Mittendorf and John Christian Fox
8. Genitourinary ultrasound, Christine Umber and John Christian Fox
9. Procedural guidance, Eric Chin
10. Lung ultrasound, Seric Cusick
11. Venous ultrasound, Kevin Burns and John Christian Fox
12. Arterial ultrasound, Sharis Simonian and John Christian Fox
13. Intestinal ultrasound, Warren Wiechmann and Chase Warren
Dan Gromis
Trish Fermin
John Christian Fox
Shane Summers
Cindy Chau
George Mittendorf
Stephanie Doniger
Jennifer McBride
Deborah Shipley
Christine Umber
Eric Chin
Seric Cusick
Kevin Burns
Sharis Simonian
Warren Wiechmann
Chase Warren
 Publisher:  Cambridge University Press
 Published:  2011
 Pages: 718 
 Format:  Hardback
 Dimensions:  8 x 6
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