Principles of EMS Systems, 3rd Ed.

Principles of EMS Systems, 3rd Ed.

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This “cornerstone” ACEP publication has been revised, updated, and enhanced. The editors and more than 50 EMS experts present the “new” principles of key EMS systems.

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From the Editors: “The world as we knew it changed September 11, 2001. The specter of disaster, whether accidental, environmental, or purposeful, was brought to our shores and into our living rooms. First responders, including out-of-hospital personnel and emergency department personnel, have always been at the leading edge of disaster preparedness. With these newly recognized threats, the public, private, and government sectors of our country are beginning to recognize the importance of EMS as an essential public service.”

The 3rd edition includes: 
•           Twenty-seven chapters on all aspects of EMS system organization and management
•           Special focus on medical oversight and accountability and the role of the EMS medical director
•           Hundreds of references to useful EMS resources and Web-based publishers

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Jon R. Krohmer, MD, FACEP
John A. Brennan, MD, FACEP
Chapter 1: History of EMS: Foundation of a System… Building Blocks and Bridges
Chapter 2: EMS Systems
Chapter 3: State and Regional EMS Systems
Chapter 4: Trauma Systems
Chapter 5: Emergency Departments and EMS
Chapter 6: Medical Oversight and Accountability
Chapter 7: Administration, Management, and Operations
Chapter 8: System Financing
Chapter 9: Communications
Chapter 10: Emergency Dispatch
Chapter 11: Medical Record Documentation and EMS Information Systems
Chapter 12: Ground Transport: Ambulances
Chapter 13: Ground Interfacility and Specialty Care Transfer
Chapter 14: Air Medical Transport
Chapter 15: EMS for Children
Chapter 16: Rural EMS
Chapter 17: Disaster Response
Chapter 18: Emergency Medical Care at Mass Gatherings
Chapter 19: EMS Response to Terrorist Incidents and Weapons of Mass Destruction
Chapter 20: Operational EMS
Chapter 21: EMS and Public Health
Chapter 22: Research
Chapter 23: EMS Education Programs
Chapter 24: Role of EMS Providers
Chapter 25: Occupational Health Issues
Chapter 26: Medical-Legal Concerns in EMS
Chapter 27: EMTALA and EMS
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