Manual of Emergency Medicine, 6th Ed.

Manual of Emergency Medicine, 6th Ed.

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This manual, part of the best-selling Lippincott Manual series, is the most user-friendly quick-reference available in emergency medicine. In an easy-to-scan outline format with key terms boldfaced, the Manual of Emergency Medicine offers practical guidance for diagnosis and management of all types of emergencies. Lists of possible causes of symptoms lead readers rapidly to appropriate information. This edition is thoroughly updated, particularly those chapters focusing on drug therapy for infectious diseases such as pneumonia and HIV.


--NEW! Chapter on ultrasound in EM
--NEW! How-to info on heparin-induced thrombocytopenia
--NEW! Internet sites of key importance to ED clinicians
--NEW! Section on distraction injuries (driving while on the cell, walking and talking on the cell; walking and texting ...)
--NEW! Updated information on drug dosage for treatment of infectious diseases such as HIV
--Reader-friendly outline format
--Regular use of bold type highlights important information
--System-based approach
--Added content to reflect current ED practices

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G. Richard Braen, MD, FACEP
Publisher:    Lippincott Williams & Wilkins  
 Published  2011
 Pages:  704
 Format:  Softcover
 Dimensions  8 x 5
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