Emergency Radiology: The Requisites (AMAZON)

Emergency Radiology: The Requisites (AMAZON)

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The Requisites
series you know and trust for studying and rotation preparation presents this essential text on emergency radiology! It provides the foundation you need for the Board exam and for everyday clinical use. With key features like emergent findings tables and differential diagnoses tables plus 600 high-quality images, this book makes it easy to review important information. Experts on various body systems and modalities of emergency radiology bring you a concise reference that meets all of your study needs. 
  • Presents emergent findings and differential diagnosis tables so that important content is identified clearly within the text
  • Divides the contents of the book into two sections—trauma and non-trauma—to mirror the way you practice
  • Organizes the material in structured, consistent chapter layouts for efficient and effective preparation for the emergency radiology questions incorporated throughout the Board exam
  • Provides clinical material on radiology procedures that define your role in managing a patient with an emergent condition
  • Includes 600 multi-modality images to give you a visual understanding of this image-centered specialty

Jorge A. Soto, MD
Brian Lucey, MD

1. Head, Neck, Spine Trauma, Glenn Barest
2. Chest Trauma, Laura Avery
3. Abdomen/Pelvis Trauma, B Lucey, J Stuhlfaut
4. Extremities: Trauma, AJ Singh
5. Extremities: Non-Trauma, L Diaz / Kassarjian
6. Pediatric Emergencies: Trauma and Non-Trauma, S Bixby
7. Non Trauma Head, Neck, Spine, Glenn Barest
8. Non Trauma Chest, S Ledbetter et al
9. Non Trauma Abdomen, J A Soto, S Anderson
10. Pelvic Emergencies, B Lucey
11. Vascular Emergencies, F Munera
12. Emergency Nuclear Medicine, A Chacko

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