Atlas of Emergency Radiology (AMAZON)

Atlas of Emergency Radiology (AMAZON)

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The first atlas of emergency diagnostic imaging that brings together every must-know radiographic method and technique

Includes nearly 1,500 clinical images!

Whether it's a CT, MRI, ultrasound, or x-ray, this comprehensive, hands-on resource helps you read and understand any imaging study--and guides you step-by-step through the process of making a proper diagnosis based on radiographic results. The Atlas of Emergency Radiology is filled with diagnostic images for the full spectrum of acute conditions and emergencies.

  • Filled with 1,484 figures that demonstrate clinical findings
  • Concise text solidifies your grasp of clinical and imaging correlations and includes:
    • Radiographic summary
    • Clinical implications
    • Radiographic pearls
  • Unique, up-to-date chapter on pediatric problems reviews the full range of medical issues associated with children

Jake Block, MD
Martin Jordanov, MD  
Lawrence Stack, MD
R. Jason Thurman, MD
1. Head, Face and Neck Trauma
2. Neurologic Conditions
3. Mouth, Nose and Throat
4. Cardiac Conditions
5. Pulmonary Conditions
6. Gastrointestinal Conditions
7. Urologic Conditions
8. Gynecologic and Obstetric Conditions
9. Upper Extremity and ShoulderTrauma
10. Upper Extremity and Shoulder Conditions
11. Lower Extremity and Hip Trauma
12. Lower Extremity and Hip Conditions
13. Spinal Trauma and Injury
14. Pediatric Conditions
15. Child Abuse
16. Toxicological and Environmental Conditions
17. Wounds & Soft Tissue Injuries
18. Forensic Medicine
2013/Hardcover/608 pages/McGraw-Hill
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