Emergency Surgery

Emergency Surgery

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Provides both a practical guide and an understanding of the issues that should be considered in the management of emergency surgery patients. It presents a clear account of the key issues involved in the assessment, investigation, resuscitation, and surgical management of patients who present to the on-call emergency team.

It considers the full breadth of issues encountered in these patients including anesthesia, pre-op resuscitation/optimization, and initial post-operative care including preliminary high dependency/critical care, as well as the complications and acute issues found in acute surgical patients on the ward.

It is ideal for surgical trainees as well as trainees from other specialties involved in the care of these complex and challenging patients.

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Adam Brooks
Bryan A. Cotton
Nigel Tai
Peter F. Mahoney
List of Contributors
Part 1 Approach
1. The Initial Approach to the Emergency Surgery Patient, Adam Brooks & J. Alastair D. Simpson
2. Preoperative Considerations, Paul Wood
3. Emergency Anaesthesia, Giles R. Nordmann
4. Analgesia, Jeff L. Tong
Part 2 Abdomen
5. Acute Appendicitis, Tom Palser, David J. Humes & Adam Brooks
6. Colonic Diverticulosis, David Luke & Douglas M. Bowley
7. Biliary Colic and Acute Cholecystitis, Tom Palser & Mark Taylor
8. Perforated Peptic Ulcer, A. Morris & Mark J. Midwinter
9. Fulminant Colitis, Deborah Nicol & Richard L. Wolverson
10. Mesenteric Ischaemia, Justin Manley & Tracy R. Bilski
11. Acute Upper Gastrointestinal Haemorrhage, John S. Hammond
12. Lower Gastrointestinal Bleeding, J. Alastair D. Simpson
13. Acute Pancreatitis, Euan J. Dickson, Colin J. McKay, & C. Ross Carter
14. Small Bowel Obstruction, J. Edward F. Fitzgerald
15. Surgical Jaundice and Cholangitis, John S. Hammond & Ian Beckingham
16. Large Bowel Obstruction, Igor V. Voskresensky & Bryan A. Cotton
17. Emergency Surgical Management of Herniae, John Simpson, & David J. Humes
Part 3 Vascular
18. Ruptured Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm, Ross Davenport, & Nigel Tai
19. Acute Limb Ischaemia, Matthew Button & Nigel Tai
Part 4 Soft Tissue Infection
20. Superficial Sepsis, Cutaneous Abscess and Necrotising Fasciitis, Conor D. Marron
Part 5 Urology
21. Emergency Urology, Thomas J. Walton & Gurminder S. Mann
Part 6 Trauma
22. Abdominal Trauma: Evaluation and Decision Making, Lesly A. Dossett & Bryan A. Cotton
23. Thoracic Trauma: Evaluation and Decision Making, Stella R. Smith, Thomas König, & Nigel Tai
24. Vascular Trauma, Nigel Tai & Nora Brennan
25. Damage Control Surgery, Timothy C. Nunez, Igor V. Voskresensky, & Bryan A. Cotton
26. Trauma Laparotomy, Victor Zaydfudim & Bryan A. Cotton
27. Operative Management of Thoracic Trauma, Thomas König & Nigel Tai
28. Abdominal Trauma: Operative and Non-Operative Management, Roland A. Hernández, Aviram M. Giladi, & Bryan A. Cotton
Part 7 Critical Care
29. Critical Care, Andrew McDonald Johnston
30. Postoperative Complications, Abeed Chowdhury & Adam Brooks
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Adam Brooks, FRCS (Gen Surg), DMCC
Nottingham University Hospital NHS Trust and Royal Centre for Defence Medicine, Birmingham

Bryan A. Cotton, MD, MPH
The University of Texas Health Science Center

Lt Col Nigel Tai, MS, FRCS (Gen Surg), RAMC
Royal London Hospital and Royal Centre for Defence Medicine, Birmingham

Col Peter F. Mahoney, OBE, TD, MSc, FRCA, RAMC
RCDM Birmingham Research

Associate Editor: David J. Humes, BSc, MBBS, MRCS
Lecturer in Surgery, University of Nottingham

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