Point of Care Ultrasound for Emergency Physicians (AMAZON)

Point of Care Ultrasound for Emergency Physicians (AMAZON)

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Since 2001, The Emergency Department Echo Course and The EDE 2 Course have taught EDE (pronounced "Eddie") to over 7000 physicians. The most distinctive aspect of The EDE Courses has been the focus on image generation. When emergency physicians first began investigating the possibility of using ultrasound themselves, a big secret was concealed from them: image interpretation is easy. The real challenge is image generation: putting the image on the screen. Before The EDE Courses, physicians learned image generation mostly by trial and error. EDE brought a rigorous methodology to the scanning of each area of the body, dramatically reducing the time needed to master this new skill. Point-of-Care Ultrasound for Emergency Physicians combines The EDE Course manuals which have been written and re-written for over a decade to give emergency physicians the clearest and most concise approach to emergency ultrasound.

Steve Socransky, MD
Ray Wiss, MD

2013/ Hardcover/ 321 pages/ The EDE 2 Course Inc.; 1ST edition (2013)

ISBN-13: 978-0988012318

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