Emergency Department Resuscitation of the Critically Ill, 2nd Ed.

Emergency Department Resuscitation of the Critically Ill, 2nd Ed.

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ACEP's newest publication, Emergency Department Resuscitation of the Critically Ill, 2nd Edition, is now available!

’s ultimate resuscitation guide is packed with succinct evidence-based chapters written by the nation’s foremost authorities. Read this book and you will save lives.

The second edition emphasizes:
  • ECMO, sepsis, neuro, critical care, pulmonary hypertension, crashing obese patient, neonatal
  • The addition of many new flow diagrams and diagnostic and treatment algorithms 
  • In-depth, up-to-date descriptions of the unique presentation, differential diagnosis, and management of specific critical illnesses

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Bryan Darger From United States California
Great book for residents and attendings alike
June 17, 2017
This book just came out, and I won't pretend to have read through all of it yet, but the 75% I've made it through is good enough to merit a 5 star review. This is the second edition of a great book, featuring revised and rewritten chapters from authors such as Michael Winters, Peter DeBlieux, Evie Marcolini, Scott Weingert, and other EM-CC heavyweights. It focuses on best practices in the initial management of several varieties of critically ill patients (mostly on adults, but does have chapters on neonatal and pediatric resuscitation alongside difficult deliveries) including specific chapters on less-common but important areas such as Pulmonary Hypertension, Morbidly Obese patients, Anaphylaxis (going beyond the usual management), various toxicology scenarios, and updates on the management of cardiac arrest and the post-cardiac arrest syndrome -- something we often forget about after ROSC, unfortunately. Each chapter is around 10-12 pages, so a bit more expansive without being too basic science heavy like many CCM textbooks. The chapters are well-referenced, and up to date in their recommendations. There are brief discussions about mechanical circulatory support (including one by Zack Shinar on ECMO and John Greenwood) including LVADs and IABPs, with a biomedical engineer contributing a great chapter on VAD malfunction and troubleshooting. This is a great book for a senior resident or junior who is interested in critical care, or practicing clinicians who have an interest in critical care in the ED and beyond. I feel like if you read this book and absorbed most of it, you would have caught yourself up on the last decade's worth of developments in the world of critical care that are relevant to what we do in the ED -- for anyone who isn't throughly enmeshed in the world of EM/CCM social media and journals, many of the ideas and strategies will be new, and for those who are, it's a great review and dives a bit deeper than many of the podcasts and blogs out there. Totally worth purchasing and reading.
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