EMRA Basics of Emergency Medicine, 2nd edition

EMRA Basics of Emergency Medicine, 2nd edition

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EMRA’s popular quick-reference clinical guide provides practical solutions for treating patients’ top 20 chief complaints on the fly! The new all-color 2nd edition creates an indispensable practical framework for learning. This pocket-sized, easy-to-use resource ensures the basics aren’t overlooked and is designed to raise the level of teaching during those few moments that we do have to teach to a level beyond the basics. Ideal for interns, medical students, off-service rotating residents, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses – and anyone caring for patients in the fast-paced emergency medicine environment.

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Joseph Habboushe, MD, MBA
1. Headache
2. Head Injury
3. Altered Mental Status (AMS)
4. Intoxication
5. Dizzy/Lightheaded
6. Sore Throat
7. Cough
8. Shortness of Breath (SOB)
9. Asthma
10. Chest Pain (CP)
11. Vomiting
12. Abdominal Pain (Main)
13. Abdominal Pain - Upper
14. Abdominal Pain - Diffuse + Flank
15. Abdominal Pain - Lower
16. Vaginal Bleeding (VB)
17. Back Pain
18. Laceration
19. Leg Pain
20. Ankle and Foot Injuries
21. Fever
22. Syncope/Pre-Syncope
23. Weakness
24. Glossary

 Publisher:  EMRA 
 Published:  2014
 Pages:  24 
 Format:  Softcover 
 Dimensions:   4x6


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