Nancy Caroline's Emergency Care in the Streets, 7E

Nancy Caroline's Emergency Care in the Streets, 7E

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Nancy Caroline's Emergency Care in the Streets, Seventh Edition, transforms the legendary textbook first developed by Dr. Nancy Caroline in the early 1970s into the premier paramedic education program. Based on the National EMS Education Standards and the collective expertise of its world-class EMS author team, the Seventh Edition is truly paramedic education “from the streets, for the streets.”

In addition to expanded coverage of key topics and new chapters, the Seventh Edition emphasizes the notion that becoming a paramedic should be a pursuit of excellence. Concepts of team leadership and professionalism are woven throughout the new progressive case studies, challenging students to become compassionate and conscientious health care professionals as well as superior clinicians.

Nancy Caroline’s Emergency Care in the Streets, Seventh Edition will be published in two volumes. VOLUME 1 will include a coupon with an access code for a copy of VOLUME 2, which will ship at no additional cost to you. To redeem the access code, simply visit the link provided with the coupon, enter the unique access code, and enter your shipping information. Volume 2 will be sent to you when it is published in Spring 2012.

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American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS)
Nancy L. Caroline
Section 1 Preparatory
Chapter 1 EMS Systems
Chapter 2 Workforce Safety and Wellness
Chapter 3 Public Health
Chapter 4 Medical, Legal, and Ethical Issues
Chapter 5 Communications
Chapter 6 Documentation

Section 2 The Human Body and Human Systems
Chapter 7 Anatomy and Physiology
Chapter 8 Pathophysiology
Chapter 9 Life Span Development

Section 3 Pharmacology
Chapter 10 Principles of Pharmacology
Chapter 11 Medication Administration
Chapter 12 Medication Formulary

Section 4 Patient Assessment
Chapter 13 Patient Assessment
Chapter 14 Critical Thinking and Clinical Decision Making
Section 5 Airway Management
Chapter 15 Airway Management and Ventilation

Section 6 Medical
Chapter 16 Respiratory Emergencies
Chapter 17 Cardiovascular Emergencies
Chapter 18 Neurologic Emergencies
Chapter 19 Diseases of the Eyes, Ears, Nose, and Throat
Chapter 20 Abdominal and Gastrointestinal Emergencies
Chapter 21 Genitourinary and Renal Emergencies
Chapter 22 Gynecologic Emergencies
Chapter 23 Endocrine Emergencies
Chapter 24 Hematologic Emergencies
Chapter 25 Immunologic Emergencies
Chapter 26 Infectious Diseases
Chapter 27 Toxicology
Chapter 28 Psychiatric Emergencies

Section 7 Trauma
Chapter 29 Trauma Systems and Mechanism of Injury
Chapter 30 Bleeding
Chapter 31 Soft-Tissue Trauma
Chapter 32 Burns
Chapter 33 Face and Neck Trauma
Chapter 34 Head and Spine Trauma
Chapter 35 Chest Trauma
Chapter 36 Abdominal and Genitourinary Trauma
Chapter 37 Orthopaedic Trauma
Chapter 38 Environmental Trauma

Section 8 Shock and Resuscitation
Chapter 39 Responding to the Field Code
Chapter 40 Management and Resuscitation of the Critical Patient

Section 9 Special Patient Populations
Chapter 41 Obstetrics
Chapter 42 Neonatal Care
Chapter 43 Pediatric Emergencies
Chapter 44 Geriatric Emergencies
Chapter 45 Patients With Special Challenges

Section 10 Operations
Chapter 46 Transport Operations
Chapter 47 Incident Management and Multiple-Casualty Incidents
Chapter 48 Vehicle Extrication and Special Rescue
Chapter 49 Hazardous Materials
Chapter 50 Terrorism
Chapter 51 Disaster Response
Chapter 52 Crime Scene Awareness
Appendix Medical Terminology
 Publisher:  Jones & Bartlett Publishers  
 Published:  2011 & 2012
 Pages:  2200
 Format  Hardcover
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