ABCs of Resuscitation® Chart (8.5x11)

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The ABCs of Resuscitation® Charts are easy to read life-saving reference guides. They can be used in conjunction with familiar systems or stand alone.  The charts are unique because while familiar systems end at age 10 these charts incorporate information for treating a 12 year-old through adult. Charts feature color images demonstrating proper CPR techniques. Categories are color-coded according to the patient’s age (neonate-adult) and weight (kg-lbs.).They contain critical emergency medications, precalculated dosages and size specific equipment thus  allowing the clinician rapid access to critical information when seconds count.  No more missed calculations or relying on memory. 

Pediatric and Adult Resuscitation made simple… They improve response time, patient care and outcome. 

A Critical companion for ALL Healthcare Providers: Physicians, Nurses, PAs, ARNP’s, Anesthesiologists, Residents, Medical Students, Paramedics, EMTs, Emergency Departments, Code Carts, EMS/ Aircraft Resuscitation Bags and wherever Procedural Sedation is administered starting from the field, ED and throughout the entire Hospital. 


They Save Lives, Reduce Medical Errors, Minimize Liability and are a Great Risk Management Tool! 

Developed by a Pediatrician and Emergency Physician. 


Charts are waterproof, laminated and extremely user friendly.  Current 2010 AHA Guidelines. 


The 8.5 x 11 fits perfectly on a Clip Board.


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Jose R. Vidal MD, FAAP
Ramon G. Vidal MD

Publisher: VedellsMD, LLC
Format: Waterproof Laminated 12PT Cardstock
Dimensions: *8.5 x 11
*Does not account for lamination

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