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Acute chest pain. Acute heart failure. Cardiac arrest. Tachycardia. Syncope. If you take care of patients in an emergency department or some other "on-demand" facility, you have to be ready to identify and correctly treat cardiovascular emergencies any time -- every time -- they present. So ARE you ready?

Learn now from the very best cardiovascular emergency medicine experts in the United States. Every one of the 21 chapters focuses on initial approach and evidence-based treatment -- all the info you need right away. Read this book and you WILL save lives. Hundreds of images, figures, and tables -- key points you'll use every time you treat a patient with a cardiovascular emergency. Published by the world's largest emergency medicine organization -- the American College of Emergency Physicians. 

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Amal Mattu MD FACEP (Editor), William J. Brady MD FACEP (Editor), Michael Jay Bresler MD FACEP (Editor), Scott M. Silvers MD FACEP (Editor), Sarah A. Stahmer MD FACEP (Editor), Jeffrey A. Tabas MD FACEP (Editor)



1. Approach to Acute Chest Pain

2. The Electrocardiogram in the Evaluation and Management of Acute Coronary Syndrome

3. Acute Coronary Syndrome: Biomarkers and Imaging

4. Bedside Ultrasound for Emergency Cardiovascular Disorders

5. Acute Coronary Syndrome: Modern Treatment of STEMI and NSTEMI

6. Cardiogenic Shock

7. Acute Heart Failure

8. Bradyarrhythmias

9. Narrow Complex Tachycardia: Diagnosis and Management in the Emergency Department

10. Wide Complex Tachycardia

11. Syncope

12. Modern Management of Cardiac Arrest

13. Post–Cardiac Arrest Syndrome

14. Pericarditis, Myocarditis, and Endocarditis

15. Hypertensive Emergencies and Elevated Blood Pressure

16. Cardiac Disease in Special Populations: HIV, Pregnancy, and Cancer

17. Special Populations: Pulmonary Hypertension and Cardiac Transplant

18. Pharmacologic Approach to Emergency Cardiac Patients

19. Complications of Implanted Cardiac Devices

20. Use of Emergency Department Observation Units for Cardiac Patients

21. Reducing the Risk of Malpractice


2016/ eBook/ American College of Emergency Physicians
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